Realworld SP (Software Product)

Realworld Systems is well known for its services and its products. However a services company is conceptually different from a products company and we found it harder to keep a good focus. Therefore: in order to serve you in a better way, we decided to a set-up a company dedicated to developing and supporting Realworld products. The company is named Realworld Software Products BV (RWSP) and will start operation on the first of July 2013. RWSP will operate under the already familiar Realworld flag and is staffed by the same people you probably already know.

The new company will own the intellectual property of our products. RWSP will also be responsible for support, maintenance and further development of our existing and new products. Therefor RWSP will be responsible for fulfilling the obligations that arise from SLAs and maintenance and support contracts. This distinction between products (RWSP) and projects (RWS) allows us to further improve our service to you. It strengthens our focus and ensures a further dedication to developing and maintaining products that provide the solutions you are looking for.

This internal reorganization will have very little impact on you as our customer. The national and international helpdesk for instance remains unchanged, just as the staff. But from next year onwards our annual maintenance contracts and SLAs will be renamed to RWSP. If any action on your side is required we will let you know.

Realworld Systems has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and South-Africa.

The RWSP products include:

  • Water Office
    Network Design and Asset Management for water companies including life cycle asset management and risk analysis
  • Diagnostic

  • Performance Intelligence: Optimizing performance and user experience of Smallworld™ systems through a powerful analysis tool
  • SyncManager
    Rapid synchronization between Oracle and Smallworld™
  • PipeRunner
    Mobile Leak detection support on an Android app
  • ORCA
    Designing and maintaining telecom infrastructures for cable, fiber optic and copper networks
  • Some 30 Realworld modules
    include BAG, Cyclomedia plugin, Ace Defaults, Bulk Edit Objects, Construction, Detail Management, etc
  • Comsof interface
    FTTx deployment optimization