Smallworld Gas Distribution Office & Global Transmission Office

Managing Gas Distribution & Pipeline Assets


Smallworld Gas Distribution Office & Global Transmission Office

The Smallworld™ Gas Distribution Office (GDO) and Smallworld Global Transmission Office (GTO), part of GE's software solution portfolio, are industry data models, applications and integration products. They effectively lower the cost of ownership for operators by eliminating the need to develop, test and maintain a complex suite of data management, analysis and industry specific applications. Regularly scheduled upgrades are straightforward, allowing companies to plan for and successfully incorporate upgrades to take advantage of future product enhancements.

Product Differentiators

  • The Smallworld product portfolio has a vast array of off-the-shelf network design and spatial asset management tools, reducing the need for extensive and costly customization
  • The fully integrated geospatial solution provides a consolidated view of the entire network in any phase of its life cycle to avoid maintaining data in multiple systems
  • The GDO and GTO applications support and integrate into an array of functional groups and business process within the distribution and pipeline operations
  • Use of standards and a service orientated architecture reduces integration costs and insulates the system from change
  • These applications can support a single and directly focused business process or can be used with other applications to support large and complex integrated business processes
  • GDO and GTO are complete and comprehensive geospatial solutions from a single source provider and address key business processes throughout the organization


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