Mission & Vission


Realworld aims to put spatial information in the hands of everyone in a utility who needs it.

The consultants of Realworld Systems are specialists in Geographic Information Systems - GIS. We advise, not only on policies and architectures of these systems, but we also design, develop and manage these systems. We do this with an active, personal and pragmatic approach. Whether it is about standard solutions or dedicated developments, we always ensure a smooth implementation with your existing IT-systems. Our broad experience with all kinds of business processes, allows us to realise quick results which are generally amazingly simple and cost effective.

We do what we promise: offer fast and practical, innovative and realistic solutions - including the required support. We believe in emphasizing the positive side of things, whether it concerns resolving problems or our own employees. We therefore invest a lot into a pleasant and open work environment. Highly educated IT-professionals get the chance to work independently and can develop themselves at their own pace with the help of our team when required.

Our goals are to become the GIS market leader in a number of selected regions and markets and to offer our expertise worldwide. To attract admiration amongst the IT industry for our relationships with our employees, and finally: to be recognised as an organisation that has key industry knowledge to address business issues facing utilities and telecommunications companies. With the ability to offer specialist skills for the GIS market that can deliver positive outcomes for companies allowing them to increase their return on investment.

Core Values

Our core values are the heart and sole of our organization. We strive to always follow them and select our colleagues based on these principles:

  • Excel
  • Reliable
  • Informal
  • Never give up
  • Fun


GIS-systems conquer the market at a fast pace; They are being used more and more to create order and transparency in enormous amounts of data. The technical evolution of these systems takes place at an increasing speed. Well known overall IT companies will move forward to claim a place within this realm and develop products next to the traditional GIS-suppliers, as well in traditional IT as in open source environments.

Realworld Systems has the ambition and drive required to stay at the front line of this evolutionary chain. With deep knowledge and expertise through which we can offer our customers maximum added value, not through endless reports, we have the guts to invent and to use new solutions. We will tackle requests flexibly and fast. In everything we do the concerns of our customers always has priority because we believe in long lasting relationships and involvement.

To reach these goals, we select our colleagues carefully. Not only on a basis of knowledge and skills, but also by personality and their ability to work well both as part of a team or independently. In addition to this, Realworld Systems is active in the area of Research & Development and we keep our knowledge up-to-date. Last but not least: we are faithful to our company culture, which is recognizable by its short communication lines, fast interaction and mutual concern, because that might even be our greatest power.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!