Company Profile of PDAM "Djoebel Tirta" Kabupaten Mojokerto

“PDAM “Djoebel Tirta” located in Mojokerto, East Java, and is one of 330 Government water distributors serving 240 million customers throughout Indonesia. PDAM “Djoebel Tirta” itself serves 15,000 customers.” – Mr Lutfil Hakim

These 15,000 connection points equates to serving a population of 500,000. Located near Surabaya PDAM Djoebel Tirta is the first Indonesian Water Company (PDAM) to use Water Office. They currently manage the water cycle from: collection, purification, processing, distribution all the way through to the collection and treatment of wastewater.

PDAM Djoebel Tirta first trialled Water Office at the end of 2011; Mr Lutfil said that “During the three month trial, the Realworld Team implemented the Smallworld GIS application (WaterOffice) for areas in Mojosari and Sarirejo. After seeing the results made by the Smallworld GIS system, I decided to use the application to improve our previous system”

The reasons that they chose Smallworld GIS technology over competitors were simple, it is ,b>“a complete application, it can provide us with an application to optimize PDAM “Djoebel Tirta’s” operational activities”- Mr Lutfil. That and PT Realworld Indonesia’s local staff who’s industry and product knowledge, financial flexibility and ease of data conversion make the solution a great match for PDAM’s and water companies.

Mr Lutfil says that “overall we think that this is the way to improve PDAM’s all over Indonesia” and that “The application eases pressure on the operational activities and is capable of improving the service to customers”. PT Realworld is looking forward to working together with Mr Lutfil and his team to showcase the technology to other PDAM’s in the future.

Company Profile Reference – Mr Lutfil Hakim, Director of PDAM “Djoebel Tirta” Kabupaten Mojokerto.