Smallworld Physical Network Inventory

Managing Physical Network Inventory


Smallworld Physical Network Inventory

GE's Smallworld™ Physical Network Inventory is a software application suite that provides geospatial asset management for utilities to support telecoms network planning, design and analysis, maintenance and operations. The increasing sales and marketing requirements also demand optimum systems and processes in order to support the demands of customers inspired by a digital lifestyle. Realworld Systems provide GIS services and solutions in key areas of the Operational Support System (OSS) software landscape. These services and solutions offer telecoms companies indispensable support for the creation and management of fixed-line, cable and mobile networks and are vital to transformation initiatives to Next Generation Networks.

Several intregation performed by Physical Network Inventory

  • Registration systems of internal and external worlds to facilitate maintenance, capacity management and service assurance
  • Integration of logical and physical registration to get a complete picture and maintain the knowledge of which asset is part of which service(s)
  • Insight into commercial interesting potential customers, based on consideration between the costs to connect a customer and the potential benefits


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