Testimoni from PDAM Kab Mojokerto

PDAM “Djoebel Tirta” located in Mojokerto, East Java, is one of 330 Government water distributors that serving 240 million customers all over Indonesia. PDAM “Djoebel Tirta” itself is serving 15.000 customers. The company l led has been the user of GIS Smallworld since the end of 2011.

Actually, I have already heard about GIS Smallworld application since quite a long time, both from workshop and from Mr. Agus Sugiharto as a marketer of PT Realworld Indonesia. I was then interested in having the trial version on the application that was conducted in 2011. During the three months trial, the Realworld Team implemented the GIS Smallworld application for areas in Mojosari, Sarirejo. After seeing the result made by the GIS Smallworld system, I decided to use the application to improve the previous system which only uses manual picture to see the pipe locations – the pipes that are located underground.

Why did I decide to use GIS Smallworld application? It’s not only because of the real prove shown by GIS Smalworld system during the trial, but we also are willing to provide PDAM “Djoebel Tirta” with complete application to optimize our company’s operational activities.

The advantage of using GIS Smalworld application is quite a lot. The applicaiton does not only identify the total assets but also provides information about the size, the location and the approximate time when the asset was built. This application is capable of detecting any problem that occurs on the water pressure, and other things so that we can come up with a solution as soon as possible. The application eases the operasional activaties and is capable of improving the service towards the customers. For that reasons, we plan to gradually use the application of GIS Smallworld for all system availbale in PDAM “DjoebelTirta”.

We intend to improve the PDAM “DjoebelTirta” particularly, and overal PDAM in Indonesia generally. We realize GIS Smallworld Water Office capabilities and adequate knowledge of several other water companies about Information Technology (IT). Therefore, We are willing to become the example for other water companies that are interested in GIS Smallworld water office and invite them to see how the application works at PDAM “DjoebelTirta”.

Mr. Lutfil Hakim.
Director of PDAM “Djoebel Tirta” Kabupaten Mojokerto.